Camps Road Farm


On a windy road in Kent Hollows, Connecticut, the beautiful 48-acres of Camps Road Farm showcases a pond, wetlands, deciduous forest, and six acres of working farmland.  Camps Road Farm was founded in conjunction with Neversink Spirits and Kent Falls Brewing Company, in part, to sustainably grow products not easily found elsewhere that would make their beers and spirits unique and delicious.

One of the first things a visitor would notice when arriving at Camps Road Farm is the hop yard.  A hop trellis anchored with 20-foot tall wooden posts is a beautiful and striking sight, and growing four strains of hops that are rare and difficult to obtain on the east coast will allow Kent Falls Brewery to add some local flavor to their beers.  Across the wetland on a ridge, one would find our orchard.  Over three hundred dwarf trees of almost twenty different varieties are planted, offering rare heirloom apples such as Kingston Black, Cox Orange Pippin, Reine de Pommes, Goldrush, Calville Blanc, Bramley’s Seedling, and Ashmead’s Kernel to make exceptional apple spirits.  The farm also has an extensive herb garden, which produces herbs that both the distillery and brewery use in their products.  Finally, the farm produces some products that have no use in the distillery or brewery such as pastured chicken eggs and vegetables.

We believe that the terroir in which we grow our produce gives our products unique and delicious local characteristics, specific to this part of Connecticut.  Additionally, the farm stands strongly by its principles of sustainability and we only treat our fields with organic treatments.  We also have installed several energy saving mechanisms including a solar array and a geothermal heating unit.


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